Aspects for the determination of thinning intensity in Quercus cerris and Quercus frainetto stands in Oltenia Plain


  • Florin Dorian Cojoaca
  • Constsntin Netoiu
  • Iulian Bercea
  • Florin Achim


The intensity of the thinning, showing quantum of the extracts, makes a balance
between the competition and the mutual help between the species, and in the same species too. By the made researches, it was established the gathering rating values for the thinning (that express in percentages the extras possible volume to an intervention) specific to Oltenia Plain, and the relation between the average diameter to the extras trees by the thinning and the stand diameter before doing this.
The obtain results, with a big application, show that the extraction maximum
realizes in the youth at 30-35 years, when the extracts quantum in about 6,8-7,5% by the total volume, period when the growths in diameter and in base area are maximum, and the average diameter of the trees which can extract by thinning represents 78% by the average diameter to Quercus cerris and 82-83% to the Quercus frainetto.






Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management