Impact evaluation of some crops integrated pest management systems on microorganisms and soil arthropods


  • Mihaela Monica Dinu
  • Ana-Cristina Fatu
  • Viorel Fatu
  • Maria Iamandei
  • Sorin Stefan
  • Ana-Maria Andrei


The paper presents the results of experiments aimed at determining the ecological
functionality of pests management model in order to stimulate the biological control agents in sunflower, barley and peas crops. The environmental quality and bio-monitoring of the experimental parcels by identifying communities of soil microorganisms and arthropod populations was performed. For microbiological characterization of experimental fields, representative samples of soil were collected and analyzed. The main groups of microorganisms isolated from samples analyzed are entomogenic microorganisms belonging to the following genera: Aspergillus, Bacillus, Penicillium, Beauveria, Alternaria, Trichotecium, Trichoderma and Fusarium. Entomological methods of observation and sampling of biological material were used to studied the arthropod populations.






Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management