The culture technology of maize on protective norms imposed by the EU on sandy soils


  • Ion Bozga


Among the main cultures, very important is the maize culture which is compared to cultures that have golden beans. Maize is considered nowadays one of the most important cultivated plants for the agriculture of our country, as well as on a global scale because of the significant area that maize holds as well as high productions/hectare that are obtained. Because of its high capacity of adaptation to soil and climate conditions as well as because of the ample improvement process, maize culture has a spreading area that guarantees the satisfaction of all requirements of every county in our country, and, in many counties mainly the southern and the western ones – may accomplish important
availability in the case of our national economy. (Anderson F.N and Peterson G.A., 1973)
The present work tries to establish the role of irrigation, non irrigation and applying variable doses of chemical fertilizers, it also tries to ground, from the physiological point of view, the contribution of each factor in achieving high quantitative and qualitative productions, mececanice works well on sandy soils.






Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management