Technology for the acquisition of the production of crop frains in the system non irrigated in various doses of NP to hybrid Olt


  • Ion Bozga
  • Daniel Nijloveanu


The used technology, non-irrigated system and chemical fertilizers for this sort of hybrid, leads to a significant increase of the production when N120P100 doses were applied, having in view the use of the most productive hybrids, because the irrigating system is missing, the hybrids which give the best production.
Regarding the existing correlations between the crop technology and the applied
fertilizer doses on the Olt hybrid, we observed that they have an ascendant tendency and the correlation coefficients are static guaranteed. Indifferent of briefing system used establish the quantity of nutrients based on nitrogen and phosphor and those administration way must be definite from the base of tests soil. Soil erosion is an important factor of natural duration. For ensuring the control of erosion and nitrogen and phosphor damages we can use many practices and in the same time increasing the infiltrations in soil function of the type soil and the depth of the critical tissue.






Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management