Research on drought tolerance of maize hybrids using specific indices


  • Ioana Claudia Borleanu


The reaction of maize genotypes to drought stress is evaluated using some specific
indicators (SSI- stress susceptibility index, TOL-tolerance index, STI-stress tolerance index). Known that Simnic area is a drought year six maize genotypes grown in three different planting times and densities have been evaluated for their response to drought stress using specific indicators. Grain yield was an important criterion for assessing drought tolerance of the hybrids evaluated. In 2010 drought stress appeared in July to September, period that coincides with flowering, silk and grain filling. Differences in stress tolerance index values were quite close, suggesting that this index is not influenced by sowing time. In light of drought tolerance specific indices under three planting times and densities only Kitty and Kamelias were the most drought tolerant hybrids.






Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management