Research on the evolution of main yield components of maize hybrids grown in different climatic conditions on luvosoil from Simnic area


  • Ioana Claudia Borleanu
  • Mirela Parachivu
  • Elena Claudia Tuta


Environmental factors strongly influence the yields of cultivated crops. In maize,
drought is one of the major factors limiting biomass and seed production. Five maize hybrids sowed in three different planting densities have been evaluated for their response to water stress conditions comparatively with well-watered conditions. Several yield components were measured: grain yield, ears/plant, ear weight, thousand kernel weight.
Under water stress conditions it terms of planting densities grain yield, ears/plant, relative yield weren’t significantly affected, while ear weight and thousand kernels weight were significantly lower for 50000 pl/ha and 60000 pl/ha comparatively with the control. Relative yield was a stable character with mean values close to one planting density to another.
Among all studied characters under normal water conditions only grain yield, ears number/plant and thousand kernels weight were significantly affected by planting density.






Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management