• Ionut Adrian Patularu Headmaster – Pedagogic National College "ŞTefan Velovan" from Craiova


" Stefan Velovan" National PedagogicCollege has been one of the Romanian educational institutions with tradition and vocation since 1870, when it was founded by the great politician Gheorghe Chitu, mayor of Craiova, minister of Instruction ,Internal Affairs, Finances and Justice, member of the Romanian Academy and representative of the 1848 Revolution. Gheorghe Chitu is also known to have founded the Normal School from Craiova on March 7, 1870. Our institution has an area of about 5 ha, where there is a more than one hundred year-old park, buildings that date from the end of the 19th century and last but not least, a didactic resort we have called "Pedagogic", with an area of 1 ha, situated in the Eastern part of the property. By 1990 there had been a tradition related to the harvesting of vegetables in this area. In 2013, 23 years after giving up this project, we decided that it was time for the rebirth of the "Pedagogic`` didactic resort by completely restoring two greenhouses and by planting over 1.300 trees, out of which 300 are breeding trees that produce apples, plums, apricots, nectarines, pears, nuts. A few months after its founding, the greenhouses produced more than 1.000kg organic vegetables (tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, eggplants). 150 students serve these vegetables every day at the school canteen. Prof.dr. Gabriel Corneanu., member of the Academy of Sciences from New York, university prof. dr. Marin Soare, the dean of the Faculty of Agronomy from Craiova, university prof. dr. Mihaela Corneanu, USAMVB from Timisoara, lect. Univ. dr. Ciobanu Ion and Conf.univ.dr. Constantin Neţoiu Our have been our mentors in this initiative. We plan to develop the didactic resort of our institution and become autonomous in producing organic fruits and vegetables.