• M. Matache INMA Bucharest
  • C. Persu INMA Bucharest
  • N. Ungureanu U.P. Bucharest
  • V. Vladut INMA Bucharest
  • I. Voicea INMA Bucharest
  • L. Savin University of Novi Sad
  • At. Atanasov University of Ruse


The need for an increased quality of products, the reduction of the production entry time and the restrictions imposed by the service period of products are the essential reasons which impose the necessity of using the simulated and accelerated regime tests. An accelerated test is necessary to produce the same content of wear deterioration as that one supported by the product (machine, gear, subsystem or component) on its lifetime in normal functioning conditions. Although a test in accelerated regime doesn`t have to produce big loads, unrealistic, which could alter the defecting mechanism? The paper presents the principal methods of test acceleration and exemplifies the test in accelerated and simulated regime by a test of endurance effectuated on the structure of a two plough body, on the Hydropulse stand inside of Testing Department from INMA Bucharest. Also, the paper present photos that were taken during the years from tests in simulated and accelerated regime, on the Hydropulse stand, of different machines and agricultural gears.


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Working Group 3: Fundamentally Disciplines and Environment and Plant Management