Dosage of nitrosamines was performed by high performance liquid chromatography with UV detection. The formation of nitrosamines in meat products, on the basis of residual nitrite, was emphasised by monitoring nitrate, nitrite and nitrosamine concentrations over a 28-day period for both meat products purchased directly from the producer on the first day they could be marketed and in samples of traditionally prepared at home sausages. There was a decrease in the nitrate and nitrite concentration in parallel with the occurrence and increase of nitrosamines concentration.

Research has shown that the process of nitrosamine formation in meat prepoducts is slow and progressive; the range of the first measurable nitrosamines was between 14 and 21 days. We note that for some industrial products the NA level determined after 28 days was above the maximum allowed for this type of product (1μg/kg).

In industrial meat products, at the end of the study, NDMA (nitrosodimethylamine) concentration varied between 0.80-23.40 μg/kg and the NDEA concentration varied between 11.60 and 61.90 μg/kg.  For samples of pork sausage prepared at home, at the end of the study, nitrosamines concentrations ranged from 0.28-0.56 μg NDMA/kg and (0.13-0.29) μg NDEA/kg.

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