Daniela Mihalache, Carmen Sirbu, Ana Maria Stanescu, Adriana Grigore, Nicoleta Marin, Mariana Iancu


In the context of a competitive and sustainable agriculture, the development of novel fertilizers with foliar application is always a challenge for both producers and users. Worldwide, a major trend in the research, development and production of organic substances fertilizers with growth-stimulating role is noticed. Thus, these new fertilizers formulas can be used in both, conventional and organic farming (especially to protect crops from climatic stress factors and to prevent or correct nutritional deficiencies). The production of fertilizers that contain natural organic compounds embedded in NPK matrix structures has increased. As organic substances are used protein hydrolysates, amino acids and algae extracts.
In this study, in order to obtain a new range of fertilizers we defined the composition of a NPK matrix with meso- and microelements (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mg, S, Co, Mo) that was subsequently embedded with protein hydrolysate of animal origin (composed of peptides, ureide and amino acids) respectively, protein hydrolysate of vegetal origin.
The new developed fertilizers were characterized and tested in the National Network for Fertilizers Testing in order to be licensed for agriculture use. The experiments were carried out for two years on different crops by foliar application in comparison to a similar NPK matrix. The obtained results showed significant production yields (in comparison to the non-fertilized control) ranging from 20% to 40% (statistically insured), as well as changes in the photosynthesis and mineral nutrition processes.

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